Jessica Shiu, MD, PhD

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    Multimodal Analyses of Stable Vitiligo Skin Identify Tissue Interactions That Control Disease Persistence

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    Stress keratinocytes exhibit a unique signature – metabolic preferences for oxidative phosphorylation, expression of stress keratins, alarmins and CXCL9/10 and diminished WNT signaling – and likely drive the persistence of white patches in vitiligo. They may be targeted for therapy in the future.

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    Lihua Zhang, Griffin Lentsch ,  Jessica L Flesher, Suoqin Jin, Christopher Polleys, Seong Jin Jo, Craig Mizzoni, Pezhman Mobasher,  Jasmine Kwan, Francisca Ruis-Diaz, Bruce J Tromberg, Irene Georgakoudi, Qing Nie, Mihaela Balu, Anand K Ganesan

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This abstract can be found in the 2021 VIS Invited and Oral Speakers Abstract book