Monica Ottaviani, PhD

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    Vitiligo: The Skin Barrier Point of View

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    Defects in the proper epidermal and skin barrier organization may represent the triggering event stimulating the production of local pro-inflammatory signals able to first prime innate and then adapted immune responses leading to melanocyte disappearance. Skin barrier alterations can be the functional basis for the persistent inflammatory process even in vitiligo normal-appearing skin. The skin barrier can be pointed as a novel key element involved in the multifaced pathogenesis of the disease, which might be targeted with therapeutical approaches aiming at ameliorating the intrinsic defects, thus providing effective protection even of skin areas where the lesions are not already clinically manifested.

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    Stefania Briganti, Lorenzo Sciuto, Daniela Kovacs, Emanuela Bastonini, Mauro Truglio, Andrea D’Arino, Alessia Pacifico, Paolo Iacovelli and Mauro Picardo

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    No relevant disclosures.

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This abstract can be found in the 2021 VIS Invited and Oral Speakers Abstract book