Prashant Giri, MSc

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    Altered Calcium-NFAT Signaling Pathway May Be Responsible for Decreased Suppressive Capacity of Tregs in Generalized Vitiligo Patients

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    1. Decreased plasma calcium and intracellular Tregs calcium suggests the role of calcium homeostasis in Tregs dysfunction leading to GV pathogenesis.
    2. Reduced NFATc1 & calcineurin activity and calmodulin & ORAI transcripts highlights the role of NFAT signaling pathway in Tregs mediated GV pathogenesis.
    3. Dose dependent effect of calcium on intracellular calcium, NFATc1 & calcineurin activity, calmodulin & ORAI expression suggests the crucial role of calcium in NFAT activation in Tregs.
    4. Positive correlation of calcium levels with intracellular calcium levels, NFATc1 and calcineurin activity highlights the role of NFAT signaling pathway in Tregs function.
    5. Elevated GSK-3β activity & expression and negative correlation between NFATc1 activity and GSK-3β activity in Tregs suggests the role of GSK-3β in decreased NFATc1 activity, leading to Tregs dysfunction in GV pathogenesis.
    6. Increased Treg suppressive function upon calcium treatment suggests the role of calcium in Treg mediated treatment of GV.

  • Additional Authors

    Ankit Bharti, MD; Rasheedunnisa Begum, PhD; Mitesh Dwivedi, PhD;

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